optical brightener chemical name china manufacturer

optical brighteners are currently involved in a wide range of industries. Because people have higher requirements for the appearance of products, we can see fluorescent brighteners in the plastics industry, paint and ink industry, printing and dyeing industry, washing industry and paper industry. .

But how to choose and use optical brightener?

1. First select the model of optical brightener
We all know that there are many types of optical brighteners, and different types of optical brighteners have different performance characteristics. Therefore, when choosing a fluorescent whitening agent, it is best to choose a special fluorescent whitening agent. Regarding the choice of fluorescent whitening agent, RAYTOP recommends to consult professional fluorescent brightener manufacturers first, and let them choose the appropriate whitening agent according to the product and production process.

2. The second is to determine the amount of fluorescent brightener 
In plastics, the amount of optical brighteners is usually expressed as a percentage relative to the mass of the plastic. The usual amount of transparent plastic is 0.0001%-0.001%, and the amount of white plastic is usually 0.05%-0.1%.

In paints and inks, the amount of optical brighteners is usually 0.02%-0.05%. When it comes to specific dosage, it is recommended to test and find the exact amount in person, because less optical brighteners may cause unsatisfactory whitening effect. Using too much will cause the brightener to separate out, so before determining the dosage, repeat the determination to achieve the desired effect.

3. Adding method of fluorescent whitening agent

The use of optical brighteners in plastics includes dry whitening, wet whitening and masterbatch whitening. The method of adding fluorescent brighteners in paint includes grinding method, grinding the paint and optical brighteners together, or directly grinding the fluorescent brightener finely, and then adding it to the paint through a high-speed dispersing machine.

There are many names for optical brighteners in the market, and many distributors name them themselves, so that customers do not know which optical brightener they are using, so in order to understand the consumption, everyone should ask clearly which brightener you are buying. Model/chemical name/CI.NO and CAS NO.